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Young People & Families

Young People & Families

Here at MAC we believe that building positive relationships with the entire family unit is crucial in ensuring young people are supported to achieve their potential. To make this a reality many of our services encourage families to work with us to achieve positive outcomes for the child or young person.

This is also important as many of the services in South Wales are underpinned by the national Welsh Government strategies:- Team Around the Family and Families First. Working this way MAC will ensure that children/young people and families from across SE Wales should recieve a consistent service.

To help us achieve these positive relationships, MAC strives to work under restorative principles. Working restoratively allows us to support individuals and communities where it is needed and challenge them at other times. In all our interventions and conversations with young people and families we ask four fundamental questions:

1) What's happened?
2) What were you thinking/feeling at the time?
3) Who has been affected?
4) What do we need to do/How do we make thing right?

By always asking these questions we identify support needs and challenges.

Video Meet the Staff

'We were really inspired with what you are doing with Triage in Cardiff. Over the last 3 years I have been disappointed with how the original concept has been diluted and in many places it has become a referral scheme from custody. And then along comes a gem in Cardiff!! You are fortunate in having the perfect environment but I was hugely impressed with how you have created a model project. It was really good to hear about the real case studies, talk to custody staff that are clearly convinced by its effectiveness, and meet your committed and knowledgeable team. It’s therefore no surprise that you are, even after such a short operating period, having such a dramatic impact on first time entrants and re-offending’.

Dave Aukett

Director of Consultancy and Creator of the Triage Model

July 2010

David Aukett