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Families Information

Referrals to Education

For some young people school does not ‘fit’. If your child is under 16 and is looking for an alternative education placement and an interest in media (music, photography, film or art) then MAC may be a suitable place for them.  Referral is via the school or local education authority.

MAC also delivers in partnership with CAVC, a BTEC Level 1 Creative Media Production course for those aged 16 plus.  Aimed toward those who are not involved in education, training or working the course runs for 25 weeks and covers Video, Audio and Image production.  Students who also enroll are eligible for EMA/WGLG (subject to terms stated on BTEC course page).

For more information please see the BTEC course area, located under the projects tab of our website.  

Referred to Triage

If your child has committed an offence then they may have been referred by the police to Triage. MAC works in partnership with South Wales Police to work with young people and reduce reoffending. Each young person who is accepted for and agrees to Triage will have a case worker assigned to them who will work with them around the consequences of offending, look at what harm can be repaired for any victims involved and provide other support if necessary.