Working With You And Your Family

If you or a member of your family have been referred to the Triage Team, what does this mean?

The police have decided that it would be beneficial for you to take part in a support programme with the aim of reducing the risk of you coming to the attention of the police in the future.

If accepted for Triage, you may not get a criminal record, it is recorded by the Police as a Youth Restorative Disposal (YRD). If you are willing to repair any harm caused and show remorse for your offence, and want to, you may be accepted onto the Triage programme. Therefore, you will have the peace of mind of knowing you may not receive a criminal record for this offence.

Initially, you will be assessed by a Youth Worker from the Triage Team at Cardiff Bay police station. In the assessment, the Youth Worker will work closely with you and a parent/guardian to identify any help or support that is appropriate. If accepted after the assessment, the youth worker will support and help to address any issues identified in order to prevent any further re-offending. The work that the Triage worker, you and your family take part in is voluntary, all decisions made about the work is made in partnership between all involved.

The team works from 10am to 8pm Monday to Friday at the Cardiff Bay Police Station on 02920 222111 (Ext 34170) and 01446 731 939 for the Vale.

The manager of the service is Sam Heatley and can be contacted at