18-25 Triage

The 18-25 Triage project was launched in January 2015 and the team works with 18 to 25 year olds who have been arrested for a low level offence to divert them away from the Criminal justice system. If a young adult (YA) is accepted onto the project they will receive an Adult Community Resolution (ACR) instead of a criminal record. Each YA will agree to an intervention plan with their Triage worker to address their offending behaviour and support them with any other needs. An intervention plan will typically consist of attending a workshop which explores the following topics in relation to offending and other topics relevant to the age group:

  • The impact of crime on victims and the wider community
  • Understanding an ACR and what it means for DBS checks and future employment
  • How a criminal record can affect different areas of their life
  • How to manage future situations that could lead to re-offending in a more appropriate way
  • Risks and effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Sexual health
  • Online conduct, sexting, revenge porn and cyber-bullying
  • Values, goals and future actions


A YA must also agree to a restorative intervention with any harmed person(s) to repair any harm caused. This work could range from the following:

  • Restorative Conference (face to face meeting with the harmed person)
  • Shuttle mediation
  • Apology letter
  • Response to Victim Impact Statement
  • Community reparation


The Triage worker will support the YA with any other identified need or refer on to other appropriate services. Triage also provides an internal counselling service for YA. The Triage team works hard to ensure that any YA coming through the project make more positive decisions for a better future.