What is Triage?

Once you (or your child) has been referred to and accepted for Triage, they will have a case worker. This is a trained youth worker who has the responsibility of looking at any support you may need to help stop you from offending again. This could be things like school, family life or simply understanding what happens to people who commit crimes. There may be other areas that the case worker can help too. This is decided by you, the case worker and sometimes your parents. We do the work in one to one sessions, groupwork or sometimes ask other organisations and workers to help using their specialist skills. You are also expected to do something to make amends or repair the harm to any victim in the offence you committed. This could be by having a meeting where you explain what happened, what you were thinking about when you did it and apologise. The victim will also have a chance to say what it was like for them. Together you will agree what should happen next.

Triage is as short or as long as it needs to be for a young person i.e. for you to be able to move on from doing something wrong and make more positive choices in the future. Our biggest goal is for young people to end the service happy and with no intention of offending again.