Fuse ODG Visits Our Music Potential Group!


Fuse ODG is an English recording artist of Ghanaian descent. He is best know for his 2013 single "Antenna" which peaked at number 7 on the UK Single Charts.

Fuse ODG made many connections with our students, offering his help and services to them, in order for them to progress personally in their careers/ dreams. He discussed how important it is to write down your ambitions and missions, in order for you to be able to look, analyse and achieve it in the future. One of his personal missions was to have one of his songs played on Capital XTRA, in which he also wrote down and aimed to achieve until he succeeded, whether it took him 1 day or 1 year. Our students gained a lot of knowledge and guidance from Fuse, in which they were extremely grateful. Fuse also gave them the opportunity to show off their songs/ beats. Many also 'spat some beats' when freestyling, which he thoroughly enjoyed, as he started dancing with everyone.

We hope to do more Q&A's in the future with our Music Potential Celebrity Ambassadors.