Breaking News Regarding 18 to 25 year olds and the Criminal Justice System


Today sees the launch of the visionary report on the needs of Young Adult offenders in the Criminal Justice System. The long overdue report echoes the joint work MAC has been undertaking with the Police Crime Commissioner and South Wales Police on its innovative 1825 Triage programme.

Nick Corrigan, Director of MAC, says "this report reflects the last two years of evidence from our Triage work across South Wales. When young people reach 18 they don't all immediately have the maturity needed to function as an adult. An 18th birthday isn't a magic landmark. What this report does is highlight, (not just in the Criminal Justice System), that 18 to 25 year olds should be recognised as a distinct group with distinct needs in terms of their employability, health, welfare and education. We are particularly delighted that the report also highlights the current pilot that MAC is undertaking with the PCCs office, Probation and the Centre for Justice Innovation (CJI) about a Young Adult court in Swansea."

The report highlights that only with a cross governmental strategy can an effective joined-up service be achieved. This is a particular challenge in Wales due to the nature of devolved and non-devolved functions.

MAC supports the report in full to insure that the maturity needs have primacy when supporting and challenging Young Adults.